Maricopa County and Phoenix stakeholders

When Maricopa County and Phoenix stakeholders

Brenda Barton
Brenda Barton

When Maricopa County and Phoenix stakeholders forget about or don’t understand rural needs, LD6 needs a dedicated representative to make sure that rural and northern Arizona interests are heard and are taken seriously.
As a longtime resident of our district and former State Representative, I have always stood up for rural and northern Arizonans and I will continue to do so. In the past, I chaired the House Committee for Agriculture and Water and served on the North American Council of State Agriculture and Rural Leaders. I understand the importance of water rights and proper resource management, reducing burdensome regulation, and supporting our farmers and growers.
When Democratic and Phoenix elites propose legislation that is bad for rural and northern Arizona, I will always be ready to say, “Hold it right there!” My opponents are out of touch with our district’s priorities and have demonstrated irresponsible and inexperienced leadership.

To win this, I’m going to need your help. My opponents are being funded by special interest groups from outside the district, so everything we do from now until November is critical in order to defeat them.* Canvass your neighborhood (* Make phone calls from home (* Write postcards (* Put up a BARTON4AZ yard sign (* Host and meet Brenda Barton with an at-home event with friends and neighbors (
With everyone’s help, we will ensure that rural and northern Arizonans have a voice in the halls of the legislature!VOLUNTEER – HELP BRENDA ( a fifth-generation Arizonan and native of Artesia, my roots are planted deep in the red rich soil of northern Arizona. Please consider donating to help me keep LD6 the place we have all come to know and love.GIVE NOW – PROTECT LD6 ( will continue to fight for our farmers and growers and ensure that the needs of rural and northern Arizona aren’t ignored.

I sincerely appreciate your continued support, I’m ready to be a servant of the people of LD6 and the land that I love.