Protecting Veterans

Those who have served our country need our support. Brenda has sponsored legislation that provides better resources, including homes and support services, for Arizona’s veterans.

Looking out for Rural Arizonans

With roots in eastern Arizona, Brenda knows first hand the challenges rural Arizonans face with access to resources and federal encroachment. This is why Brenda led the charge to pass legislation that ensures Arizonans in rural areas have access to safe drinking water. She has also fought hard to end Federal control of public lands, returning sovereignty back to the people of Arizona, where it belongs. 

Improving Education

Brenda understands the need for improvements to Arizona’s public education at all levels.  She has supported better, locally-funded kindergarten programs that give Arizona’s kids the right foundation for success. She has helped improve the state’s technical and vocational training programs (JTED) through greater accessibility and partnerships with local industries to train Arizonans for high-demand jobs.